The Charlotte Sartre Selma Blair Theory

What's the difference between a thoroughbred race horse and a porn star? When thoroughbred race horses are bred it's all done in public

When porn stars are bred it's all done in secret. You never know what their real name is or who their parents are.

If you liked my Kimmy Granger Stephanie Seymour Theory, then you're gonna love my Charlotte Sartre Selma Blair Theory. Other than a noticeable size difference Kimmy Granger has a strong resemblance to Stephanie Seymour (and Axl Rose). Charlotte Sartre has an uncanny resemblance to Selma Blair, and they both have the exact same hair, face, body type and height (5' 3").

Charlotte Sartre was born December 6, 1994. Selma Blair was born June 23, 1972. When Charlotte was born, Selma was 22 years old. Selma is definitely old enough to be Charlotte's biological mom, and the guy who came up with the idea of turning out daughters of movie stars and supermodels for porn deserves a fucking medal