The Kimmy Granger Stephanie Seymour Theory

Would it be socially acceptable right now for the daughter of a supermodel to go into porn? Could you ever see Kaia Gerber getting naked and sucking dick on camera? Not likely

But would guys get off on seeing a supermodel's daughter get fucked on camera? Would that type of performer be extremely positive for porn profits and social engineers?

Faced with that task, how do you create the perfect porn star...

Start with the egg of a hyper-sexual supermodel, in this case Stephanie Seymour. Then add the sperm of a rock star, Axl Rose

By having both egg and sperm come from A-list stars the offspring has a 99% chance of having superstar sex appeal

Technically how would this work:

- Stephanie and Axl dated in Los Angeles from 1991 to 1993 but were still in the news in 1994

-Kimmy was officially born in San Diego on May 18 1995 so she easily could be Axl Rose's daughter with Stephanie

- Stephanie had two boys during this time, Peter (1993) and Harry (1996), so either she could have carried the pregnancy or it could have been a surrogate mother who may or may not have raised the child. Porn stars backgrounds are intentionally covered up so it's difficult to know for sure who raised Kimmy or what her real name is.

Stephanie's personal life is well known, and one of the things she's notorious for is putting her children in sexually charged situations that get captured on film

By creating the perfect porn star, society's addiction to sex and beauty increases and helps pave the way for the next level of sexual addiction and deviance including incest and pedophilia. This process is called social engineering