Zero Hedge Makes Zero Sense

Bloomberg's recent Zero Hedge article told us nothing we didn't already know before and completely failed to explain why the popular financial website is obsessed with Brad Pitt...

Other than the movie adaptation the book Fight Club has nothing to do with the famous actor so why does this copyrighted image appear next to every story?

And why is this copyrighted image Zero Hedge's Twitter avatar?

More to the point, everyone agrees the writing on the site is top-notch, but no one seems to question why they make such shitty charts.

If a reader is intelligent enough to understand an article about corporate bankruptcies, is it really necessary to add an arrow to the accompanying chart indicating that bankruptcies are on the rise?

If a person is sophisticated enough to be reading an article about the British pound, is it really necessary to add arrows to the accompanying charts to describe the short-term trends? Are Zero Hedge readers able to comprehend complex topics using text but utterly unable to grasp them when presented with a basic line chart?

In some cases their graphics team can't even get their own color code right - green for up and red for down

Bottom line (pun intended) - people in finance are good when it comes to writing and awful when it comes to graphics. Like Steve Cohen they know how to buy art - they just don't know how to make it