The United States Will Never Elect A Woman President

The United States is much more patriarchal than people realize.

This is the nation known for its founding fathers, not its founding mothers. Britain had Thatcher; Germany has Merkel; Israel had Golda Meir and yet in its two hundred and forty year history the U.S. has never had a female president or vice president...

It's okay for American female entertainers like Oprah and Madonna to become rich and famous, but it's not okay for American women to possess real power.

Martha Stewart flew too close to sun by becoming extremely successful in a variety of business ventures, and she got sent to jail as a result. 

Less than a year ago Elizabeth Holmes was being touted as the next Steve Jobs with a net worth of $4.5 billion, the "youngest female billionaire in the world". Today her net worth is zero and Jennifer Lawrence has been cast to star in a movie about the pretty entrepreneur's fall from grace.

Marissa Mayer runs Yahoo! and Meg Whitman runs Hewlett Packard, but they're not really calling the shots at those companies that were founded by men.

Janet Yellen runs the Fed the same way Greenspan and Bernanke ran the Fed - by doing what Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan tell her to do.

Melinda Gates has power because she is married to Bill Gates. Michelle Obama has power because she is the First Lady. And Hillary Clinton has power because she's married to Bill.

It's not entirely clear whether Donald Trump will win the next election or Obama will suspend the election, but one thing is an absolute certainty - the United States will never elect a woman as president.