Dr. Joseph Farrell Predicted The Rise Of Germany

In his legendary Project Camelot interview Dr. Joseph Farrell sums up the German situation nicely.

JF: Okay. Ask yourself this: The Hadron Collider, okay? You’ve got two huge counter-rotating rings and they’re gonna spin up these particles and smash ’em together. Okay? I find that whole counter-rotating idea really weird, you know, suggestively weird. But the really weird thing to me is: Why is the first Christian Democratic Union Party Chancellor of Germany after Köhl a physicist? [Ed. note: he is referring to Angela Merkel.]

BR: Hmmm....

JF: Did you know that?

BR: I did not.

JF: She’s a Ph.D. in physics. [laughs]

BR: Okay.

JF: Why is she a Ph.D. in physics?

BR: A Ph.D. in physics.

JF: Yeah. Now, you know what a German Ph.D. is like, to get.

BR: I do.

JF: [laughs] You know, they don’t hand them out by any means and this, to me... Why is someone like that even in politics, but especially at that level? You know? This is not a Ph.D. in physics becoming premier of Somalia, you know. [laughs] This is a rather sophisticated nation, technologically. So that to me, you know... it’s another little indicator that we have to watch things over there very carefully...