Humans Discover Humanity Is Fake

Coca-Cola is the real thing. Diet Coke is not the real thing. Diet Coke is a fucked up, flavorless fake version of the real thing.

Man is the real thing. A human being is not the real thing. A human being is a fucked up, flavorless fake version of the real thing.

Ask yourself one simple question - if human beings are the real thing then why are we so obsessed with making fake versions of ourselves and our abilities...

Wikipedia: BINA48 has variously been called a sentient robot, an android, gynoid, a social robot, a cybernetic companion, and "a robot with a face that moves, eyes that see, ears that hear and a digital mind that enables conversation." BINA48, a robot owned by Martine Rothblatt's Terasem Movement, Incorporated, is designed to test two hypotheses concerning the ability to download a person's consciousness into a non-biological or nanotech body after combining detailed data about a person with future consciousness software.

Wikipedia: In 1994, at age 40, Martine Rothblatt came out as transgender and changed her name to Martine Aliana Rothblatt

This week the technology firm Boston Dynamics unveiled their latest robot which they named Spot. Then they took their fake dog to the parking lot and abused it on film. Nice people

Fake people, fake dogs - only a fake race would be this obsessed with making more fakes. A real race would simply be content with its own authenticity and abilities.

Instead of feeling the need to invent automobiles and bicycles as substitutes for walking, a real race would simply be content with walking. In the 21st century the fake mobility afforded by driving has evidently become so dangerous and tiresome engineers have developed a car that uses computers and satellites to drive itself

There is absolutely no reason a self-driving car needs a glass windshield. That feature is there solely to help humans make the psychological transition from cars to self-driving cars by making the new resemble the old. Once the transition is complete the windshield will be replaced with a flat screen so the fake passengers can watch fake reality on television

Wikipedia: Avatar premiered in London to positive critical reviews, with critics highly praising its groundbreaking visual effects. During its theatrical run, the film broke several box office records and became the highest-grossing film of all time. In the movie scientists use Na'vi-human hybrids called "avatars", operated by genetically matched humans. Cameron described the film as a hybrid with a full live-action shoot in combination with computer-generated characters and live environments. "Ideally at the end of the day the audience has no idea which they're looking at," Cameron said.

The Guardian: From the Golem to Frankenstein's monster, Skynet and the Matrix, we are fascinated by the old story: man plays god and then things go horribly wrong

More like human plays human and makes more fake versions of humans and facsimiles of human abilities

Intelligence is fake. The news is fake. Everything human is fake

Finally, feelings are fake. Feelings only appear to be real because humanity was programmed to be highly emotional and therefore extremely easy to manipulate

Brandon Stanton: What i'm looking for is a story, always looking for a story. And you'll find that the stories in people's lives the ones that are most meaningful and impactful and interesting, tend to revolve around a certain emotion, whether that be extreme anger, extreme fear, extreme sadness, extreme happiness

Humans Of New York

Believing feelings are real does not make it so - get over it

You got your 8 by 10 your agent your Harley
You be driving around Hollywood yes sorry charlie Cause
I'm running things like some Mack motherfucker
Your only claim to fame is you're a false fake sucker
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