Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick And The JFK Jr. Death Hoax

July 16, 1969 - "Apollo 11, the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon, is launched from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Kennedy, Florida."

July 16, 1999 - "John F. Kennedy, Jr., piloting a Piper Saratoga aircraft, dies when his plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha's Vineyard."

July 16, 1999 - "Eyes Wide Shut opened in the United States"...

A common thread runs through Jay Weidner's brilliant analysis of The Shining and Chartist Friend's research into the Full Metal Jacket - JFK assassination hoax

The Kubrick - Kennedy connection

Jay Weidner showed us that the movie The Shining is Stanley Kubrick's "veiled confession" of his involvement in staging the Apollo moon landings. President Kennedy created the Apollo program. JFK is represented in The Shining by Overlook Hotel manager Stuart Ullman

Chartist Friend demonstrated that Full Metal Jacket is Kubrick's "veiled confession" of his involvement the President Kennedy assassination hoax. JFK started the Vietnam war. JFK is represented in Full Metal Jacket by Private Joker

In 1980 Kubrick used his movie The Shining to reveal information involving the Kennedy family and the Apollo program that he could not disclose publicly.

In 1987 Kubrick used his movie Full Metal Jacket to reveal information involving the Kennedy family and the assassination of a wildly popular president that he could not disclose publicly.

On July 16,1999, the EXACT SAME DAY JFK Jr. was killed in a plane crash, Kubrick released his movie Eyes Wide Shut.

What are the odds Kubrick used the movie Eyes Wide Shut to reveal information involving the Kennedy family and a plane crash near Cape Cod that he could not disclose publicly?
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. was a lawyer and magazine publisher who lived in New York City. He was the only son of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The main character in Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Bill Harford, is a doctor who also lives in New York City

The New York Post played a big role in the JFK Jr. death hoax. The day after the plane crash the Post ran a front page by columnist Cindy Adams claiming JFK Jr. did not want to fly. This claim, which was never substantiated, was used to help create the narrative that the flight was "ill-fated"

John F. Kennedy Jr. was married to Carolyn Bessette, a statuesque beauty who worked in the fashion industry. It was rumored that Carolyn Bessette was a recreational drug user

Bill Harford Dr. is married to Alice Harford, a statuesque beauty who worked at an art gallery. Alice is a recreational drug user

Like his father, JFK Jr. had a reputation for being extremely attractive to women. in 1988 People magazine named him the "sexist man alive"

Two years year later Tom Cruise, the actor picked by Stanley Kubrick to represent JFK Jr. in the movie Eyes Wide Shut, was also named the "sexiest man alive" by People magazine

"As soon as [JFK Jr.] died, right wing mouthpiece William Safire attributed his death to 'bad judgment'. The media rumor mill predictably called him reckless." In the movie Eyes Wide Shut, the character meant to represent JFK Jr. acts recklessly initially by crashing a private orgy and then by attempting to investigate the events surrounding the orgy

In the accepted narrative of the JFK Jr. plane crash, he "was planning to drop off his sister-in-law on the Vineyard, then fly his wife to the family compound in Hyannis Port" where the Kennedy compound is located. The Kennedy family compound "consists of three houses on six acres of waterfront property on Cape Cod."

In the movie Eyes Wide Shut the character representing JFK Jr.'s wife Carolyn specifically mentions Cape Cod:

Alice Harford: Do you... do remember last summer at Cape Cod?
Dr. Bill Harford: Yes.

"Christopher Andersen wrote that Kennedy's mother had worried he would die in a plane crash, which she tried preventing by having longtime companion Maurice Tempelsman 'to do whatever it took to keep John from becoming a pilot'". Maurice Tempelsman is a wealthy Jewish businessman who lives in New York City

In Eyes Wide Shut Victor Ziegler is also a wealthy Jewish businessman who lives in New York City

Ziegler scolds the JFK Jr. character for crashing the orgy and has him followed.

Dr. Bill Harford: How do you know that?
Victor Ziegler: Because I had you followed.
Dr. Bill Harford: You had me followed?
Victor Ziegler: I - Okay. Okay, I'm sorry. All right? I owe you an apology. This was for your own good, believe me. Now look, I know what the desk clerk told you, but what he didn't tell you is all they did was put Nick on a plane to Seattle.

In the Chartist Friend article on the hidden meaning of Full Metal Jacket Dr. Bill Harford's dialogue at the end of the movie is cited as evidence for the theory that the JFK assassination was a "charade".

Dr. Bill Harford: The woman lying dead in the morgue was the woman at the party. Well, Victor, maybe I'm missing something here. You call it fake, a charade... Do you mind telling me what kind of fuckin' charade ends up with somebody turning up dead?

In that same scene Victor Ziegler explains to Harford that "all of that... was staged. That it was a kind of charade. That it was fake." This statement refers to the faked Apollo moon landings, the JFK assassination hoax and to the JFK Jr. death hoax - the charade of a plane crash ending up with John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. and his two female passengers turning up dead

The JFK Jr. Death Hoax

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Revealed in Eyes Wide Shut

Discovered by Chartist Friend