Blodget Believes Bloomberg Should Buy The Times

The name of the game: promote a spectacularly bad idea to get attention like the trillion dollar coin schtick...

Today Henry Blodget, the editor of Business Insider, wrote an article explaining why he thinks it would be a good idea for a billionaire with a nanny-state, anti-gun, anti-soda, pro-plumbing agenda to buy the New York Times. In the article the editor of Business Insider also write that believes it doesn't matter if a business makes a profit or hemorrhages millions of dollars.

According to Blodget the ultimate goal of business is influence, not profit. If a businessman has one business making a huge profit then the logical next step would be to spend that money on a media business that creates huge losses in order to acquire "influence" which in this case would mean getting us to give up our guns, stop drinking big gulps and have our kids become plumbers.

No wonder Business Insider is constantly getting cash injections from Jeff Bezos.